Once the schematic design is approved by the owner, the process of designing the building in greater detail begins. During this stage, the schematic design is developed further—hence the term   design development  (DD) stage.

While the emphasis in the SD stage is on the creative, conceptual, and innovative aspects of design, the DD stage focuses on developing practical and pragmatic solutions for the  exterior envelope, structure, fenestration, interior systems, MEPF systems, and so forth.

This development involves strategic consultations with all members of the design team. Therefore, the most critical feature of the DD stage is decision making, which may range  from broad design aspects to details. At this stage, the vast majority of decisions about  products, materials, and equipment are made. Efficient execution of the construction documents depends directly on how well the DD is managed. A more detailed version of the specifications and probable cost of the project is also prepared at this stage.  

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