The table in Figure 1.2 shows the range of height and area limits for buildings of different occupancies built of Heavy Timber (Type IV) construction and of Light Frame  (Type V) construction (applicable when heavy timber framing  and light frame construction are mixed). Notice that when consid- ering any particular occupancy,  the allowable heights and areas for Heavy Timber construction are  comparable to those for 1-Hour-Protected Noncombustible (Type IIA) construction (steel, concrete,  or masonry) and are greater than  those for protected and unprotected Type V construction or unprotected steel (Type IIB). These limits  are an explicit recognition of the inherent fire-resistive qualities of heavy timber framing.

Figure 1.2 Height and area limitations of build-
ings of various types of construction, as
defi ned in the 2006 IBC. (Portions of this
publication reproduce tables from the 2006
International Building Code

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