Long curved timbers for making heavy timber vaults and heavy timber domes are  easily fabricated in laminated wood  and are widely used in athletic arenas,  auditoriums, suburban retail stores,  warehouses, and factories (Figures  4.29-4.31). Arched structures, like  rigid frames, exert lateral thrusts that  must be countered by tie rods or suit- ably designed foundations.
Figure 4.29 Semicircular laminated wood arches support
the timber roof of the Back Bay Station in
Boston. Notice the use of horizontal steel
tie rods to resist the thrust of the arches at  the base. 

Figure 4.30 A typical hinged foundation connection for an arch
or dome, made of welded steel plates. The hinge
pin allows for rotation between the arch and the
foundations, which avoids many kinds of forces that
might otherwise be placed on the structure by wood
shrinkage and foundation movement.

Figure 4.31 This laminated wood dome spans 530 feet (161.5 m) to cover a 25,000-seat stadium and convention center in Tacoma, Washington.

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