Other Panel Products

Hardboard is a thin, dense panel made of highly compressed wood fibers.

It is available in various thicknesses  and surface finishes, and in some  formulations is durable against weather  exposure. Hardboard is produced  in configurations for residential siding and roofing as well as in general-purpose and pegboard panels of standard dimension.

Insulating fi  berboard  sheathing is a low-density panel, usually ½ or ¾ inch (13 or 19 mm) thick, made of  wood or vegetable fibers and binders, and coated with asphalt for water  resistance. It has some thermal insulating value and is used in wood construction chieß  y as nonstructural wall  sheathing, although some panels of  this type are strong enough to also  contribute lateral force resistance to  a building frame. Other  cellulosic fiberboard panels are made from finely  processed recycled paper waste and  are used for wall sheathing, acoustical isolation, carpet underlayment, and  even structural roof decking. Panels  of these types are low in cost, make  productive use of waste or recycled  materials, and help to conserve forest  resources.

Hardwood plywood panels, made  from birch, maple, poplar, or alder veneers, are popular for use in  cabinetry and other interior finish carpentry.

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