Sheet Piles Uses - Steel Strucures.

There are various types of earth-retaining structures.Where a differential surface level is to be established with a vertical interface, a retaining wall is used. Steel sheet piling is one form of retaining wall construction. Sheet piles resist soil and water pressures by functioning as a beam spanning vertically between points of support, as shown in Fig. 29.10.

Steel sheet piles are used for temporary and permanent retaining walls. In tem- porary works and cofferdams the sheet piles enable deep excavations to be made to facilitate construction below ground and water level of other permanent works.

On completion of construction the sheet piles are usually extracted for reuse on other projects.

More recent applications have seen the use of sheet piles as permanent retaining walls. Structures include basements, underground carparks and abutments for bridges including integral bridges.

Sheet pile retaining wall
Fig. 29.10 Sheet pile retaining wall

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