Sheet Piles Types - Steel Strucures.

In the UK, two profiles, designated as U and Z, are available. U profiles are also commonly referred to as Larssen sections and Z profiles as Frodingham sections.

See Fig. 29.11. In addition, where the depth of excavation is small, trench sheet sections may be used as alternatives to sheet piles.

The essential difference between these sections and ordinary structural beams is their ability to interlock with each other to form a continuous membrane in the soil. (Sections and their properties are included in Appendices.) Steel sheet piling, including sections for box piles, is produced in accordance with BS EN 10248, the most typical grades being S270GP and S355GP with yield strengths of 270N/mm2
and 355N/mm2 respectively. In addition, higher-strength steel sheet piles can be obtained to grades S390GP and S430GP (yield strengths 390N/mm2 and 430N/mm2  respectively).

 Larssen and Frodingham sheet piles
Fig. 29.11 Larssen and Frodingham sheet piles

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