Managing Construction

Once a construction project is underway, the general contractor or construction manager assumes responsibility for day-to-day oversight  of the construction site, management of trades and suppliers, and communications between the construction team and other major parties, such as the owner and the designer.

On projects of any signifi cant size, this may include responsibility for filing  construction permits, securing the project site, providing temporary power and water, setting up office  trailers and other support facilities, providing insurance coverage for the work in progress, managing personnel on site, maintaining a safe work environment, stockpiling materials, performing testing and quality control, providing site surveying and engineering, arranging for cranes and other construction machinery, providing temporary structures and weather protection, disposing or recycling of construction waste, soliciting the work of subtrades and coordinating their efforts, submitting product samples and technical information to the design team for review, maintaining accurate records of the construction as it proceeds, monitoring costs and schedules, managing changes to the work, protecting completed work, and more.

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