Columns and Struts - Common Types of Member - Steel Structures.

Various types of steel section may be used as struts to resist  compressive loads; Fig. 15.1 illustrates a number of them. Practical considerations such as the methods to be employed for making connections often influence the choice, especially for light members. Although closed sections such as tubes are theoretically the most efficient, it is normally much easier to make simple site connections, using the minimum of skilled labour or special equipment, to open sections. Typical arrangements include:

(1) light trusses and bracing – angles (including compound angles back to back) and tees
(2) larger trusses – circular hollow sections, rectangular hollow sections, compound sections and universal columns
(3) frames – universal columns, fabricated sections e.g. reinforced UCs
(4) bridges – box columns
(5) power stations – stiffened box columns.

 Typical column cross sections
Fig. 15.1 Typical column cross sections

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