Advantages of Composite Columns - Steel Structures.

In many cases of design, concrete or some other protective material is required around steel columns for reasons of fire-resistance and durability. It would seem appropriate, therefore, to develop composite action between the steel and concrete, thereby taking advantage of the inherent compressive strength of the concrete, increasing the compressive resistance of the section and leading to considerable savings in the cost of the steelwork. Even ignoring this composite action, the slenderness of the steel column in lateral buckling is reduced, thereby increasing the compressive stress that can be resisted by the steel section.

Much research has gone into the behaviour of concrete-filled tubular sections.

Architecturally, tubular columns have many attractive features; concrete filling has no visual effect on their appeal.The advantages from a structural point of view are, first, the triaxial confinement of the concrete within the section, and second, the fire resistance of the column, which largely depends on the residual capacity of the concrete core.

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