Structural Implications - Fire Engineering - Steel Structures.

The structural implications of the above can be summarized as follows:

Structural fire resistance: The required fire resistance for elements of structure is equivalent to that of the building without the atrium.
Facade: The structure needs to ensure that the facade can achieve its  required performance.This may equate to ensuring that the deflections in a fire condition are limited or, more simply, by specifying a fire-resisting system for the facade.

Although BS 5588: Part 7 defines a performance criterion for ‘smoke retarding’ construction, consideration should be given to specifying fire-resisting construction instead; this is because there is no standard specification for smoke-retarding construction, and there will be necessity to develop ad-hoc material specification, construction methods and QA procedures to ensure that the system meets the required performance and to demonstrate this to the regulators.

Atrium roof: Whilst structural elements solely supporting the roof neither  formally nor usually require fire resistance, it is prudent to consider the effect of collapse in development of the fire strategy. Thus potentially there may be a requirement for fire resistance. Also, as normal, where the roof structural elements support elements requiring a fire-resistance (such as the atrium facade), then these structural elements must achieve the required fire performance.

The fire strategy for a building with an atrium is complex, particularly where there is a need to incorporate local government Acts or property protection requirements, or where there are non-standard client, architectural, or engineering objectives.

A fire-engineered approach will enable the optimum strategy and best value to be achieved. Structural fire engineering can be used with an atrium building in the same way as for a building without an atrium, taking account of  the inherent  performance of the structure to reduce or omit the need for fire protection. Fire engineering enables best integration of the fire strategy within the design, to ensure that all systems are tailored to meet the precise performance and reliability requirements (for fire and all other requirements).

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