Building Log Books and Energy Meters - Structural Forms.

The building owner will initially be provided with details of all the products that constitute the building, including a forecast of annual energy consumption based  on the building design specification.The owner in turn will be required to keep detailed maintenance records and the like to ensure that the products within the  building are properly maintained, and, when replaced, fully comply with the new requirements.

Energy meters should be provided to ensure that comparisons of  energy con- sumption can be made with those forecast at design stage.These meters in turn will provide any new owner/tenant with detailed information on which to base future energy forecasts.

The cladding has also to withstand the applied loads of snow,wind, and foot traffic during fixing and maintenance. It must also provide the necessary lateral stability to the supporting purlin and siderail systems. Occasionally it will form part of the lateral stability of the structure in the form of a stressed-skin diaphragm,mentioned above.

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